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Z-Cam E1 4K 1-CMOS camera system


BackBone Ribcage AIR modified GoPro Hero 4 Black and Silver 1-CMOS camera system


GoPro Hero 4 Black and Silver 1-CMOS camera system


Toshiba IK-4K Ultra HD 1/3" 3-CMOS remote head camera system

SeeSense offer a selection of miniature 4K resolution 1-CMOS and 3-CMOS cameras.

4K resolution imaging produces the highest quality images with the maximum detail and most accurate colour detail (colourimetry).  This means that they are popular for use in medical, broadcast and film applications.  SeeSense can offer a range of 4K resolution cameras all of which are poplular with our customers and now have a proven record.


Of critical importance in any camera choice is the lens selection.  SeeSense can also advise, supply and assist in the selection of the best lenses for your requirement.

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4K Cameras

A selection of 4K miniature camera solutions

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The Toshiba IK-4K 1/2.9 3-CMOS 4K resolution colour cameras produces the best quality images of any miniature camera solution we know. They are used where image sharpness and colour accuracy (colourimetry) are essential.  Applications include Film & Professional Broadcast, Medical Imaging, and Machine Vision to name but a few.


Conventional single sensor cameras generally use a Bayer filter matrix to distinguish Red, Green or Blue (RGB) colours, meaning that one 3840 x 21600 4K resolution sensor uses a third of its sensors for each.  3-CMOS cameras utilse dichroic coatings on the surfaces of a prism to separate the incoming light into RGB wavelengths.  The light is directed to three precisely-aligned sensors and recombined to produce a much sharper, cleaner and superior image.

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The E1 camera is the World’s smallest 4K UHD (ultra-high definition) micro four-thirds (MFT) camera utilising interchangeable lenses.  The E1’s micro four-thirds lens mount can handle a wide range of auto-focus (AF) lenses and manual-focus (MF) lenses helping to capture the highest-quality images possible.


The E1 camera features the 16mp Ambarella A9 image processor which ues superior low light performance to captures cinema quality 4K 4096×2160 video at 24 fps or ultra-high definition video 3840×2160 at 30 fps with H.264 compression.

Now your GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver cameras can finally GO PROFESSIONAL! Fitting a BackBone Ribcage modification kit to a GoPro camera enables interchangeable lenses to be easily attached to the camera.  The camera accepts almost any S-mount (M12), CS-mount or C-mount lens.  Larger format lenses can also been attached by fitting an adapter.


The modification kit also includes a three point tripod mount with the option to attach an EXO mount.  As well as ruggedizing a GoPro camera , the precision machined aluminium front also acts as a heat sin to keep the camera sensor cool.  This modification allows the camera to be used in a wide range of application including Film and Broadcast, Medical imaging and is also for 360VR imaging.


SeeSense can supply a comprehensive range of accessories and can modifiy your camera upon request.

There is not a lot that has not been said about the GoPro camera range.  SeeSense offer the full range of GoPro cameras and accessories.  


SeeSense also modifies these cameras to take different lenses including 4K resolution low-distrtion lenses making the camera infinitly better for professional filming and photography.  Our Ribcage modification enabling interchangeable lenses to be fitted is discussed below.

SeeSense also offer a repair service for GoPro cameras

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