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Entaniya Lenses

With angles of 220, 250 and 280 degrees the Entaniya Range of Fisheye lenses and panoramic accessories allow you to take unique wide-angle images beyond any normal field of vision.  These lenses are ideal for 360 VR, panoramic and 360 degree video imaging.  They are fully compatible with GoPro cameras fitted with the

Back-Bone Ribcage modification.


SeeSense staff have 20+ years experience in the specification and technical sales of of C and CS-mount lenses.

We offer a specialist services advising about and specifying C and CS-mount lenses for a wide

variety of applications.  Please Contact Us if you require help in finding a suitable lens.

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The radius captured by Entaniya Fisheye maximises the utilization a CMOS Sensor.  When using a standard 180 degree fisheye lens the resolution at the edges and corners will not able to capture the higher and lower aspects of an image, these parts will be missing when converted into a panoramic image. Entaniya Fisheye 220 and 250 degree lenses capture a wide radius that is best for a panoramic VR when using a 1/2.3 CMOS Sensor as fitted in in GoPro cameras.

The Entaniya Fisheye 220 and 250 will be able to capture these images at approximately 190 degrees so that the images always come out as a flawless, seamless panoramic VR with no stitching errors


The Entaniya range of Fisheye lenses has features beyond any regular lens, details below

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The list below show the full range of lenses available from Entaniya.

Please contact us for any specific lens requirements you might have.

Entaniya 220 Datasheet Entaniya 250 Datasheet Entaniya 280 Datasheet Fuji Logo small CONTACT US Entaniya CONTACT US for further details Entaniya

Entaniya 1.34mm F2.0  220 degree lens

Sensor  1/2.3-inch 220°× 195°

Image circle 5.1mm  220°×220°

M12  S-mount lens

Weight 52 grammes

Entaniya 1.38mm F2.8  250 degree lens

Sensor  1/2.3-inch 250°× 195°

Image circle 5.5mm250°×250°

M12  S-mount lens

Weight 79 grammes

Entaniya 1.07mm F2.8  280 degree lens

Sensor  1/2.3-inch 280°× 280°

Image circle 4.2mm  280°×280°

M12  S-mount lens

Weight 175 grammes

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Entaniya One Camera Panoramic Rig

Ideal for use with Entaniya 280 degree lenses to shoot horizontal 360 video with the camera facing upwards.

Entaniya two camera Back to Back Rig  for use with Ribcage GoPro cameras.  Automatically aligns the lens axis for accurate 360 VR filming.

ENT-BBR Datasheet ENT-RIG1 Datasheet

Entaniya Panoramic Kit for GoPro is designed for use with a Back-Bone RIBCAGE modified GoPro camera fitted with an Entaniya extreme Fisheye lens.  Take panoramic VR images simply and easily with a fixed No Parralax Point (NPP) when the camera is fitted on the mount.

ENT-PANO Datasheet