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The Current GoPro Camera range

GoPro Hero 5 Black Camera Features

12MP Sensor capable of 30fps   4K 30fps, 1440P 80 fps, 1080P 120fps

Waterproof to 10 metres / 33',  WiFi and Bluetooth, Voice control, Advanced Wind Noise Reduction, Video Stabilization, Touch Screen Display, Auto-Upload to Cloud, Location Capture, RAW & WDR images, QUIKSTORIES.


GoPro Hero 5 Session Camera Features

10MP Sensor capable of 30fps   4K 30fps, 1440P 60 fps, 1080P 90fps

Waterproof to 10 metres / 33',  WiFi and Bluetooth, Voice control, Advanced Wind Noise Reduction, Video Stabilization, Auto-Upload to Cloud, Location Capture, QUIKSTORIES.


GoPro Hero Session Camera Features

8MP Sensor capable of 10fps   1440P 30 fps, 1080P 60fps

Waterproof to 10 metres / 33', WiFi and Bluetooth, Simple One Button Control, Advanced Wind Noise Reduction.

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GoPro Cameras

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SeeSense distributes the GoPro range of Camera Systems as well as a wide range of professional improvements and accessories

SeeSense has specialised in the sale of miniature camera solutions since the business was formed.  In that time the rise and incredible success of the hugely popular GoPro camera has stunned us.

SeeSense can offer the complete GoPro range to order with competitive pricing and quick deliveries.


SeeSense also off BackBone Ribcage modified GoPro cameras (SEE BELOW) into a wide range of differentmarket sectors including Broadcast, Medical, Security and Industrial use.

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* SeeSense distributes the Ribcage system from Back-Bone

This is a high quality modification kit which enables you to fit a wide selection of interchangeable S-mount (M12), CS-mount and C-mount lenses on to GoPro Hero 5, Hero 4 and Hero 3+ cameras.


A modification kit is available for your GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3+ as well as Yi4K cameras.  

The mod. kit is of excellent quality and includes an aluminium CNC machined front which also acts as a heatsink.  A comprehensive range of lenses and accessories are avaiable from SeeSense. SeeSense also offer services to modify and repair your camera for you.


SeeSense has supplied Ribcage modified cameras into many industries including Broadcast, Medical, Industrial and Security sectors who have utilsed them in a wide range of applications.

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GoPro Camera Accessories & Enhancements

SeeSense stock a comprehensive range of professional accessories and enhancements for GoPro and GoPro Ribcage modified cameras.

-  POWER           Batteries and Battery eliminators.

-  TIME LAPSE   Schedulers, Intervalometers & Motion Detectors.

-  WIFI                Underwater WIFI

-  ENCLOSURES Dry Enclosures,  Solar Powered Enclosures,  Deep Water Housings

-  360VR             Single, Back to Back and 3 Camera Rigs

-  LENSES           Wide range of lenses INCLUDING direct replacement of GoPro lens

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Part Number         Description                                                     WiFi / BTooth     Control        Features


GP-H5-BLK          GoPro Hero 5 Black                                                 YES                Touch & Voice      4K30 1080p120  12MP / 30fps


GP-H5-SES          GoPro Hero 5 Session                                            YES                   Voice              4K30 1080p90  10MP / 30 fps


GP-H-SES            GoPro Hero Session Camera                                        YES           One button control    1440p30 1080p60  8MP / 10 fps




BB-RC-CAMH5PRO   Hero 5 Black Ribcage Camera - S, CS & C-mount*                YES                  Touch & Voice       4K30 1080p120  12MP / 30fps


BB-RC-CAMH5M12 Hero 5 Black Ribcage Camera - S-mount [M12]*                    YES                    Touch & Voice       4K30 1080p120  12MP / 30fps


BB-RC-CAMH4BLK  Hero 4 Black Ribcage Camera - S[M12], CS & C-mount*         YES                                         4K30  12MP / 30 fps


BB-RC-CAMH4SIL   Hero 4 Silver Ribcage Camera - S[M12], CS & C-mount*           YES            Touch screen         4K30  12MP / 30 fps              

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