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Specialist Camera Solutions


More High Definition Cameras available





SeeSense are official distributers for Kowa Lens and Camera Systems and provide a full technical sales service for their range.  Kowa manufacture the SC200KP1C 2/3" 1-CMOS High Definition Super Low Light Camera which challenges the picture quaility of standard definition EM-CCD cameras.  This superb new 2/3" 1-CMOS camera outputs 1080i / 1080p / 720p image at 30fps even in low light conditions > 0.005 lux.




New from Watec is the new low cost WAT2200 miniature camera with 3G-SDI and HD-SDI output measuring just 48 x 48 x57mm.  The camera is sensitive down to 0.1 lux @ F1.2 and incorporates a connection for an auto iris lens drive.

SeeSense are always looking out for novel and interesting products.

We often receive requests for smaller and smaller good quality HD camerasand can now offer HD cameras 29x29x29mm or smaller.  This includes the GEM 1080p 3G-SDi and HD-SDI minicam.





SeeSense Brand High Definition camera types include:

     Miniature HD camera solutions

     Low Light HD camera solution

     High Speed / Slo-Mo HD camera solutions

SeeSense specialise in the supply of miniature and compact High Definition camera systems

for Broadcast, Medical and other uses.  

SeeSense offers a comprehensive range of High Definition cameras to suit all types of quality and budget you may require or have.

We are official distributors for the Toshiba range of Industrial Camera Systems and provide a full technical sales service for their range of HD cameras.

SeeSense also distribute the Pacific Corporation of 1-CMOS High Definition cameras and also have a comprehensive selection of High Definition cameras offered under our 'SeeSense' Brand.


Our range of High definition cameras cover conventional 1-CMOS, 3-CCD and 3-CMOS cameras.  We can also offer a High Definition low light camera, as well as High Speed / Slo-Mo and miniature HD camera solutions.

SeeSense also offers a comprehensive range of lens solutions, filters, cabling, remote control, recording and power to complement these products.

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HD Miniature Cameras

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Pacific Corporation offer a lower cost but high quality 1920 x 1080 High Definition 16:9 format

1-CMOS camera with excellent colour reproduction.  The VPC-HD20 (also known as the VCC-HD1) already sees use in the Broadcast Industry and also other specialist applications.






NEW VPC-HD25  CS-mount version of the VPC-HD20.  Same camera but with genlock (no USB) and CS-mount giving access to a broader range of wide angle wide aperture megapixel lenses.

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A comprehensive range of High Definiton Miniature Camera Solutions

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SeeSense modify well known GoPro Hero 3+ and 4 cameras so they can accept C-mount, CS-mount and S-mount lenses.  The Hero 4 camera can output in a wide range of formats including High Definition and 4K.

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