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Theia Lenses

SeeSense are proud to be official distributers of good quality ranges of lenses from several manufacturers.  The lenses featured here compliment our camera ranges.  Please contact us if you have anything more specific you might require.


SeeSense staff have 20+ years experience in the specification and technical sales of of C and CS-mount lenses.

We offer a specialist services advising about and specifying C and CS-mount lenses for a wide

variety of applications.  Please Contact Us if you require help in finding a suitable lens.

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Theia Technologies produce a specialist range of lenses mainly intended for megapixel Security and Machine Vision applications.  However these lenses can also be used in a variety of other applications including Broadcast in conjunction with our High Definition 1-CMOS C-mount and CS-mount cameras.  SeeSense regularly specifies and recommends Theia Technologies wide angle 1/3" Megapixel varifocal lenses for use with Toshiba and Pacific Corporation High Definition cameras.


SeeSense have been working with and specifying Theia Technologies C-mount and CS-mount lenses for many years.

We know their products well and we can recommend them for the great results they produce.

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Find out about our lens partners by clicking the links below.

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The list below show the full range of lenses available from Theia Technologies.

Please contact us for any specific lens requirements you might have.

SY125-M Datasheet Theia Logo SY125-A Datasheet MY125-M Datasheet SY110-M Datasheet SY110-A Datasheet MY110-M Datasheet SL183-M Datasheet SL940-M Datasheet

These lenses utilise Linear Optical Technology®.  The rectilinear design of the lens means that the image will be inverted.  Mount camera upside down or invert image electronically.  

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Rectilinear Lenses

Theia Techonologies range of ultra wide angle lenses incorporates patented Linear Optical Technology® that permits an ultra wide field of view whilst optically correcting barrel distortion in the lens.  This optical correction increases the image resolution at the edges and corners of the picture and remove the need for dewarping software.

These lenses are widely offered by SeeSense for Broadcast applications where a wide angle, low distortion and high resolution sharp image is desired.  In Security applications these lenses improve the probability of detection and identification of individuals, especially at the image edges.  

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