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Specialist Camera Solutions

Toshiba IK-TF series of SD 1/3" 3-CCD compact cameras


Toshiba IK-4K Ultra HD 1/3" 3-CMOS remote head camera system


For further details about Toshiba's range of 1/3" 3-CCD and 3-CMOS cameras please click on the link below and look for cameras labelled.






If you already know the camera you are looking for further details can be found below.

SeeSense can offer a selection of miniature HD 3-CCD / 3-CMOS camera systems.

Conventional single sensor cameras generally use a Bayer filter matrix to distinguish Red, Green or Blue (RGB) colours, meaning that one 1920 x 1080 High Definition sensor uses a third of its sensors for each.  Dichroic coatings on the surfaces of a prism separate the incoming light into RGB wavelengths which are directed to three precisely-aligned sensors.  The light is then recombined to produce a much sharper, cleaner and superior image.

3-CCD or 3-CMOS colour camera imaging technology is used in a diverse range of industries including Professional Broadcast, Medical Imaging, and Machine Vision to name but a few.

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Three Sensor Cameras

A selection of 3-CCD and 3-CMOS

miniature camera solutions

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Toshiba offer a range of high quality 1/3" 3-CCD and 3-CMOS cameras providing excellent picture quality and colourimetry.  The great thing about Toshiba cameras is the fact that, unlike many other minicams, "They Work Straight from the Box".


Toshiba 3-chip camera production technology is second to none and uses high tech alignment systems and adhesives to ensure the Toshiba prism / 3-sensor arrays are lined up micron perfect.  They also use 1/3" sensors which means that their cameras can be much smaller than those using larger sensor arrays.


Link to Toshiba Cameras

Toshiba IK-HD5 1,000 TVL FULL HD 1/3" 3-CMOS remote head camera system


Toshiba IK-HD3 HD 1/3" 3-CMOS / 1-CMOS remote head camera system


Toshiba IK-HD1 /2  HD 1/3" 3-CCD remote head camera system


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