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Specialist Camera Solutions

VisionOn Systems

SeeSense are a distributer and partner for Vision On Systems.

VisionOn Systems and SeeSense are partner businesses operating from our office in Woodley near Reading.


VisionOn and SeeSense design, support and install a wide range of products and services, including Cloud & IP based Surveillance Solutions, Mobile CCTV Solutions, Miniature Broadcast Cameras and Covert surveillance packages.  Our outstanding customer service levels and attention to detail have made us an industry leader, so if you are looking for a solution in any of these areas you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.


Please Contact SeeSense for further details     OR       Visit the VisionOn Systems Website

Cloud Based CCTV

Amovi & Cloudview are cutting edge CCTV solutions, that do away with traditional and expensive DVR's.  If you think there is a risk that your recording system could be stolen or need to ensure that important data is securely recorded the Cloud Based CCTV is for you.  Our Cloud Based solutions push all the video event footage to a highly secure on-line storage portal which can be customised to suit your requirements.

These solutions have gained the highly aclaimed Secure by Design status so you can be confident that your CCTV footage is in safe hands.

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Mobile CCTV & Tracking Systems

We can provide a wide range of custom built solutions for commercial fleet vehicles of all shapes & sizes to suit your requirements.  Our specially designed solutions can help you improve Road safety, save on fuel and insurance costs as well as providing you with a valuable insight into your drivers' behaviour.

Our camera systems help you understand more about how your assets are working for you.

IP Surveillance

We has supplied converged technology solutions since the 1990's.  It is natural for them to adopt IP Surveillance (CCTV) as our chosen surveillance technology.  

VisionOn has been involved in the design and delivery of several bespoke and leading edge IP surveillance solutions, where it was necessaary to integrate several diverse technologies into a final solution.

Covert Cameras and Cases

Do you have a problem that requires covert surveillance?  SeeSense and VisionOn products can be easily integrated to create high quality covert systems to suit all requirements.

VisionOn have worked closely with local authorities and national fraud investigators to design and built custom solutions to fit individual requirements.

So whether you are transporting prisoners, catching an internal thief or staking out a gang of robbers, or even covert newsgathering we can help design you a system to suit your requirements.

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