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Z E1 Camera Features

4K Resolution 4/3" CMOS Sensor

4K @ 24 fps,  UHD @ 30 fps 1080p @ 60fps,  720p @ 240fps

Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount

Single, continuous and area Auto focus functions

Superior low light performance and dynamic range

      (Sensor is 9 x larger sensor than GoPro)

WiFi and Bluetooth Remote Control via Z-C.am App

Built in 2.5" Display / Viewfinder

16MP stills camera

Viewfinder on rear

Photo with time lapse mode

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Z Cam

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SeeSense distributes the range of Camera Systems from Z across Europe

The rise and incredible success of miniature cameras over the last few years has resulted in the desire for ever better quality low cost professional solutions.  SeeSense offer the E1 camera from Z which incorprates a 4/3" CMOS 4K resolution sensor, MFT (micro four thirds) mount, and super compact proportions of just 75 x 56 x 50mm (the smallest 4K MFT mount camera in the world).


The E1 is ideal for almost any fixed camera application including Broadcast & Film, Medical, Security and Industrial use, etc.

SeeSense offer competitive pricing and quick deliveries across Europe.

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Part Number        Description                                                                                                       Features


Z-CAM-E1            Z-CAM E1 4K MFT micro cinematic camera                                                   See Above


Z E1 Micro Cinematic Camera - Ideal For:

Micro Cinematic Camera                                           Filming in tight spaces / extreme angles                

POV Camera                                                              Pre-visualisation

360 Degree VR                                                          Bullet time array

Supplementary Camera                                            Time lapse imaging

Ideal for drone and aerial photography                   Motion capture studio camera

Z-E1 Datasheet Z-E1 Datasheet Z-E1 Datasheet