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SeeSense are an official distributer for ENTANIYA offering help and technical advice to customers across Europe.

ENTANIYA's aim is to bring a movie-like high resolution to VR.  ENTANIYA offer two ranges of unique ultra-wide angle 4K resolution Fisheye lenses. Large format lenses with angles of 200 and 250 degrees plus S-mount (M12) of 220, 250 and 280 degrees.  Their range is enhanced by a good selection of accessories allow you to take high quality images beyond any normal field of vision.  These lenses are ideal for 360 VR, panoramic and even industrial imaging.



SeeSense staff have 20+ years experience in the specification and technical sales of C, CS & S-mount lenses.

We offer a specialist services advising about and specifying C, CS & S-mount lenses for a wide

variety of applications.  Please Contact Us if you require help in finding a suitable lens.

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Larger Format Lenses

The ENTANIYA HAL range of 200 and 250 degree lenses can be supplied with MFT-mount (Micro Four Thirds),

E-mount, EF-mount or C-mount.  MFT system lenses can be attached to high resolution quality cameras such as RED, Sony FS, Panasonic GH and Blackmagic cinema camera series.  These cameras with APS-C or full size sensors can enable the user to record images RAW and Log.  By using Entaniya Fisheye HAL series lenses, you can take celestial sphere 360-degree VR at cinema level quality.

S-mount (M12) Format Lenses

The ENTANIYA range was originally established by their three high quality220, 250 and 280 degree 4K resolution S-mount (M12) lenses.  These lenses can be fitted to S-mount cameras but also come with a CS-mount adapter. The lenses have been fitted directly on to action cameras such as the GoPro and Yi4K series.  For higher quality results they should be attached to GoPro cameras fitted with the Back-Bone Ribcage modification.


A broad range of accessories are avaiable from Entaniya.  These include lens mount adapters for the 200 and 250 degree HAL range along with a one camera rig and a series of side-by-side and back-to- rigs for larger format cameras.  The S-mount (M12) range includes a selection of 1, 2 or 3 camera rigs for GoPro and BackBone RIbcage modified GoPro cameras.

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