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Specialist Camera Solutions

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High Speed / Slow Motion Cameras

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SeeSense a selection of 4K and HD High Speed / Slow Motion cameras

These camera systems have been used in Broadcast, Film, Advertising and other applications where a small camera is required.  



Whilst not capable of high frame rates SeeSense offers a range of cameras to suit smaller budgets.  SeeSense distribute Back-Bone Ribcage modified cameras in UK and Europe. These include GoPro, Xiaomi Yi4K and Sony DSC-RX0 cameras which now accept C-mount, CS-mount and S-mount lenses.  The DSC-RX0 accepts large format MFT and C-mount lenses to suit its large 1" sensor.  These camera all are capable of filming at higher frame rates than normal as indicated below.


SeeSense also offers a comprehensive range of lens solutions, filters, cabling, remote control, recording and power to complement these products.

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PART NUMBER                           DESCRIPTION                          DATASHEET       MOUNT       NOTES


      BB-H6PRO        RIbcage Hero 6 PRO Modified Camera                                                 C, CS & S-mount   4K 60fps,   1080p 240fps


      BB-H5PRO        RIbcage Hero 5 PRO Modified Camera                                                 C, CS & S-mount  1080p 120fps 


      BB-H5M12         RIbcage Hero 5 M12 Modified Camera                                                  C, CS & S-mount  1080p 120fps  


      BB-RX0             Ribcage Sony DXC-RX0 1" Modified Camera                                        MFT & C-mount    Up to 960 / 1,000 fps


      BB-Yi4K+          Ribcage Yi4K+ Modified Camera                                                               C & S-mount         4K 60fps,   1080p 120fps